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Macintosh Classic on the Internet

I got onto the Internet using a Macintosh Classic, with software downloaded via a PC and a modem provided at nominal cost by my ISP.

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Briefly, this is how I did it
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Hi, my name's Dave Hughes, from the UK

When I got the Mac (from a charity shop), it was not running system 7, so I had it upgraded by a local Apple specialist company.

In another charity shop, I found a copy of Adam Engst's "Internet Starter Kit for Macinstosh", but minus the software diskette. However, the book indicated that MacPPP and MacTCP were two essential pieces of communications software I needed.

Using a friend's Internet access and my own WebTV service, I found a number of sites devoted to Classic Macs, and a few particularly related to getting old Macs onto the Internet.

A reading of these indicated the particular versions of MacPPP and MacTCP that would work on the Classic, and where they could be found. They were then downloaded to a PC and copied to my Classic either via Mac-Ette software on the PC, or using DOS-Mounter on the Mac.

From looking at the web sites devoted to Macs, I realised I need a "hardware handshake" modem cable to link up the Mac and modem. So, I found one for a reasonable cost on the web and bought a cable from a company in the Netherlands (but see later...).

A friend had recently got an account with a UK ISP, and they were advertising a three month trial connection for about 25. After speaking to their tech support, they were able to offer me a 14400 modem and the three month access for just 30.

The day arrived to try to connect...

The first problem I found was that the hardware handshake cable I had bought was no good and MacPPP would not talk to the modem. Luckily, the ISP had provided a cable with the modem and this worked fine. However, the extension cable to link the modem and the telephone socket which they provided did not work! Once again, I had another cable which I use to connect my WebTV box, and this did work.

When all was connected, I called up PPP config and pressed "Open"; MacPPP looked for the modem, found it, dialed the ISP number, established a connection, authenticated the user name and password and...network! I was on the Net!!!

Since first connecting, I have upgraded to a 28K modem, bought for 2 at a street market! I am using MacWeb and Mosiac to access the Web, Eudora to send and receive email, and Fetch to upload this web page.

Links to Essential Sites

A key site for "old mac" links is David Woods'

Resources for the older Macintosh

which contains an enormous number of valuable links.

The sites which were the most helpful in understanding how to get and use an older Mac on the Net were

Matti Haveri's two FAQ sites,68000-mac-faq and mac-internet-faq; and

The Classic Mac Room at Jag's House.

Last, but not least, a great archive of lots of useful Mac software is

University of Michigan's Macintosh Software Archive.
If, after browsing my other pages on this website, you still have any questions about "how I did it" (or how you can!), feel free to mail me at :


and I'll try to answer your queries.
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